Welcome to the domain

As early as 2002, I was bothered by the fact that Turkey was internationally referred to as Turkey. That's why I secured the rights to the domain  back then.

Since this year, the change from "Turkey" to Türkiye has finally been confirmed by the UN. (See )

As early as 2003 I tried to create a kind of directory of important companies in Turkey from antiques to future technologies.

Unfortunately, nobody took it seriously at the time, so I stopped this service.

But now we have the situation that, according to current Turkish law, all goods produced in Turkey should be marked with the label "Made in Türkiye", and will be in the near future.

Thus, the corresponding producing companies will want to sell their products nationally under as well as internationally under and may even have to!

According to internet law, I could now sue anyone who advertises made-in-turkiye on the internet. Much more could be earned if you set up a Turkey who, what and where directory.

However, since I don't want to do this work anymore, I hereby offer the domain for sale.

However, please understand that this domain has a high market value due to the certainly high earning potential through trademark protection or advertisements. Therefore I ask that you refrain from unrealistic offers.

I know the value very well and will only respond to reasonable offers.

You can send your offer to me at  or through my Turkish representative Mr. Kemal K. at +90 553 182 95 01.

I already congratulate the new owner on the purchase of this source of money and greet all Turks and those interested in Turkey.